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“If you only listen to one classic punk / power-pop / new wave / surf-rock / paisley-pop / space-rock firecracker sugar-bomb nugget today... well, I guess it would pretty much have to be this one. Good thing it's a keeper that packs more thrills, chills, sonic adventure and plain-old fizzy fun into 2:11 than some bands deliver over the course of their careers.” — Darryl Sterdan, Rolling Stone Contributor

“The single has that rare catchiness from the 90s that is scarcely heard in today’s musical realm. Thrill’s mid-to-high vocal melodies are effective, versatile and have diligently crafted lyrics that are cleverly executed. The duel synth and guitar parts have an eclectic approach with dynamic leads and riffy rhythms. The multi layered tempos also add a progressive edge into the song that truly makes it stand out from the common songwriting structure and really shines a light on Thrill’s next-level writing.”  — Artist Reach, NYC

"Great Punk track with a spaced-out vibe highlighted by tremolo effects on guitar. This would be class to watch live.  Production is spot on, and the track moves along with pace as befits the genre.  Enjoyed this one, thumbs up from me.” — Acuna Digital

“The single presents explosive indie-rock elements wisely twisted with magnetic melodies and sparkling synths, a blasting hit that will bring you back to the 80s with its energy and influences but always maintaining that modern boost that will keep you hooked from start to end and before you even notice, you’ll find yourself pressing the replay button over and over again.” — YMX (Your Music Experience)

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